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Commencing in Adelaide over twenty years ago, we have a strong reputation for delivering best practice aged care and disability care services. Our  skilled and engaged staff have a solid commitment to real outcomes for people we support. Over the years we have attracted a highly skilled, loyal and qualified team of managers, support planners, rostering staff, and personal support workers that successfully deliver highly personalised, quality supports to people in our community across metropolitan and greater Adelaide regions.

Our vision celebrates inclusive communities empowered to choose their supports, their goals and actively involved in the selection of their support team.

We have friendly, experienced staff of all ages, who are carefully matched with the person they support. We believe that our fantastic staff along with our commitment really set us apart.

We know what we do best so we don’t try to do everything!  That’s why we partner with other skilled services for allied health and financial plan management so you can relax and live your best life.

Our service offers 24-hour care and support, 7 days a week, to people with chronic health conditions, people with a disability, the ageing and vulnerable children and youth.

We provide specialist care packages to people with a range of needs, such as physical and/or learning disabilities; sensory disabilities; mental health; dementia; Alzheimer’s and palliative care support.

The key principles of care we believe are to ensure a safe home environment, promote people’s independence, empowerment and choice and ensure people stay connected to community and loved ones.

Our care philosophy and approach is to enable and re-able people so that they can continue to succeed, fulfil ambitions and above all ensuring they enjoy life. We also believe in working together with the family and extended networks, as we know that this is so important to people’s wellbeing.

Home Care Tailored To You

Direct Care Australia offers you consistent, responsive and affordable home care and community supports so you live your best life.

At Direct Care Australia we understood the research long ago which showed the world’s longest-living people had lifelong friendship as the key factor contributing to their longevity.
Direct Care will organise regular visits from our skilled, qualified and nurturing support planners, which means that your loved one will have delicious meals, lively chats and the nurturing companionship of a regular visitor.
The good news is we not only verify skills, training, and references, we choose people who share your loved one’s interests and hobbies, just like a friend.
Simply stated you can relax so book an obligation free home visit today by one of our Home Care Planners and check out our values below!

Core Values:

Responsive – We endeavour to fully understand and respond to each person’s individual needs and aspirations.

Collaborative – We develop services specifically tailored to each person. We co-design our support so that each person can achieve his or her unique aspirations.

Quality – We focus on continuous improvement through innovation and flexibility

Resilience – We aim for strong organisational capability and capacity to provide support to as many people in our local communities as possible.

Commitment – We commit to be the best provider of in home, and individual support, respite, recreation and day services.

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Direct Care Australia has a fully integrated and Certified Quality Management System (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) and is able to control both the quality and safety of its processes to ensure consistent outcomes.

Our workforce is sensitive to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We do our best to provide you with a Nurse or Carer that can understand and appreciate your cultural needs. Where possible we provide staff who can cater for your linguistic and/or cultural needs.

Direct Care Australia works collaboratively with many healthcare and community care service providers so if you would like us to meet with your funder let us know, including Disability and Aged Care providers, Local Councils, residential care providers etc.

All Direct Care staff members undergo rigorous selection criteria including a National Police Offender check. We thoroughly check all of our staff member’s career history, ability to perform duties and conduct reference checks to ensure they are well above standard.

We pride ourselves on providing genuine person-centred care, which means we will always be responsive to your needs and preferences.

We tailor our services to suit your individual requirements and your essential daily living needs, including your emotional and spiritual needs. With our strategy we strive to match all your essential criteria to your caregiver or nurse to ensure a harmonious long-lasting relationship.

We’ve taken the time to go through several rigorous approval processes at both State and Federal levels so that our care practices are validated and underpinned by relevant legislation and industry Standards. This is testament to what we do and the quality of the staff we provide.